Unverified Commit 33f1b91d authored by Yassine Doghri's avatar Yassine Doghri
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fix: update condition in home controller to redirect to install page

parent eb74e81c
......@@ -18,10 +18,9 @@ class HomeController extends BaseController
public function index(): RedirectResponse | string
$connections = \CodeIgniter\Database\Config::getConnections();
$db = db_connect();
if ($connections === [] || ! $db->tableExists('podcasts')) {
// Cannot connect to the database or cannot find the podcasts table
if ($db->getDatabase() === '' || ! $db->tableExists('podcasts')) {
// Database connection has not been set or could not find the podcasts table
// Redirecting to install page because it is likely that Castopod Host has not been installed yet.
// NB: as base_url wouldn't have been defined here, redirect to install wizard manually
$route = Services::routes()->reverseRoute('install');
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