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feat(rss): update monetization tag so that it meets PodcastIndex requirements

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......@@ -67,11 +67,19 @@ function get_rss_feed($podcast, $serviceSlug = '')
$channel->addChild('language', $podcast->language_code);
if (!empty($podcast->payment_pointer)) {
$valueElement = $channel->addChild('value', null, $podcast_namespace);
$valueElement->addAttribute('type', 'webmonetization');
$valueElement->addAttribute('method', '');
$valueElement->addAttribute('suggested', '');
$recipientElement = $valueElement->addChild(
$recipientElement->addAttribute('name', $podcast->owner_name);
$recipientElement->addAttribute('type', 'ILP');
$recipientElement->addAttribute('address', $podcast->payment_pointer);
$recipientElement->addAttribute('split', 100);
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