1. 12 Jul, 2021 2 commits
  2. 23 Jun, 2021 2 commits
  3. 11 Jun, 2021 14 commits
  4. 18 May, 2021 1 commit
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  11. 02 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      feat(fediverse): implement activitypub protocols + update user interface · 2f525c0f
      Yassine Doghri authored
      - add "ActivityPub" library to handle server to server federation and basic
        client to server protocols using activitypub:
        - add webfinger endpoint to look for actor
        - add actor definition with inbox / outbox / followers
        - remote follow an actor
        - create notes with possible preview cards
        - interract with favourites, reblogs and replies
        - block incoming actors and/or domains
        - broadcast/schedule activities to fediverse followers using a cron task
      - For castopod, the podcast is the actor:
        - overwrite the activitypub library for castopod's specific needs
        - perform basic interactions administrating a podcast to interact with fediverse users:
          - create notes with episode attachment
          - favourite and share a note + reply
          - add specific castopod_namespaces for podcasts and episodes definitions
      - overwrite CodeIgniter's Route service to include alternate-content option for
        activitystream requests
      - update episod...
  12. 15 Oct, 2020 6 commits
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    • Yassine Doghri's avatar
      feat: enhance admin ui with responsive design and ux improvements · 2d44b457
      Yassine Doghri authored
      - add podcast sidebar navigation
      - add podcast dashboard with latest episodes
      - add pagination to podcast episodes
      - add components helper to reuse ui components (button, data_table, etc.)
      - enhance podcast and episode forms by splitting them into form sections
      - add hint tooltips to podcast and episode forms
      - transform radio inputs as buttons for better ux
      - replace explicit field by parental_advisory
      - replace author field by publisher
      - add podcasts_categories table to set multiple categories
      - use choices.js to enhance multiselect fields
      - update Language files
      - update js dependencies to latest versions
      closes #31, #9
    • Yassine Doghri's avatar
      feat: add breadcrumb in admin area · 7fb1de2c
      Yassine Doghri authored
      - add Breadcrumb library and service
      - update authorizations
      - add missing routes to avoid 404 links in breadcrumb
      - add svg_helper globally in base controller
      - update purgecss config to check .ts files
      closes #17
    • Yassine Doghri's avatar
      refactor: add php_codesniffer to define castopod's coding style based on psr-1 · ed6e9530
      Yassine Doghri authored
      - add .editorconfig file
      - format all files to comply with castopod's coding style
      - switch parsedown dependency with commonmark library to better follow commonmark spec for markdown
      - add prettier command to format all project files at once
      closes #16
    • Yassine Doghri's avatar
      feat(rss): generate rss feed from podcast entity · c815ecd6
      Yassine Doghri authored
      - refactor episode, podcast and category entities to add dynamic properties
      - refactor Routes when adding feed route
      - update migration files to better fit itunes' and rss' specs
      - update podcast and episode forms
      - add SimpleRSSElement class to Libraries
      - add rss_helper
      - update home controller to redirect if system has only one podcast
    • Yassine Doghri's avatar
      feat: add npm for js dependencies + move src/ files to root folder · cbb83a6f
      Yassine Doghri authored
      - add node service in docker-compose.yml
      - update .devcontainer Dockerfile by adding node, npm and vim
      - init package.json for npm with tailwindcss, postcss, commitlint and commitizen as dev dependencies
      - update default layout main header and footer
      - replace CI's welcome_message.php with home.php listing all podcasts
      - add AUTHORS.md file
      - add docs folder in which to place castopod's technical documentation