Unverified Commit f0a2f0be authored by Yassine Doghri's avatar Yassine Doghri
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fix: add head request to analytics_hit route

validators break because they can't request the episode's audio files with HEAD
parent b5eb4c68
......@@ -71,6 +71,9 @@ $routes->group(config('App')->installGateway, function ($routes) {
// Route for podcast audio file analytics (/audio/pack(podcast_id,episode_id,bytes_threshold,filesize,duration,date)/podcast_folder/filename.mp3)
$routes->head('audio/(:base64)/(:any)', 'Analytics::hit/$1/$2', [
'as' => 'analytics_hit',
$routes->get('audio/(:base64)/(:any)', 'Analytics::hit/$1/$2', [
'as' => 'analytics_hit',
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