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    feat(fediverse): implement activitypub protocols + update user interface · 2f525c0f
    Yassine Doghri authored
    - add "ActivityPub" library to handle server to server federation and basic
      client to server protocols using activitypub:
      - add webfinger endpoint to look for actor
      - add actor definition with inbox / outbox / followers
      - remote follow an actor
      - create notes with possible preview cards
      - interract with favourites, reblogs and replies
      - block incoming actors and/or domains
      - broadcast/schedule activities to fediverse followers using a cron task
    - For castopod, the podcast is the actor:
      - overwrite the activitypub library for castopod's specific needs
      - perform basic interactions administrating a podcast to interact with fediverse users:
        - create notes with episode attachment
        - favourite and share a note + reply
        - add specific castopod_namespaces for podcasts and episodes definitions
    - overwrite CodeIgniter's Route service to include alternate-content option for
      activitystream requests
    - update episod...
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